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NHS Hackday 2013 – Dementia Scrapbook

The whole of team DrDoctor were in Oxford for the NHS Hack Day this weekend (notice the slight misnomer!). We had a project we’d been wanting to work on for a while, which Rinesh pitched to the room. Paul from Step Up Software and Reynold from Oxford CC joined us and Dementia Scrapbook was born!

The Dementia Scrapbook Team
The Dementia Scrapbook team (-Rinesh) with our MoSCoW

The idea was to build a tool which could be used by people with dementia or their families to help them remember events from their life and give context to what is happening now. Short term memory is one of the first things to go, so it was important we had reminders of what happened yesterday, and what to expect from today and tomorrow.

Content can be uploaded by family members (and will include using a Facebook and Twitter plugin), and arrives on the device in the form of ‘Postcards’.

Screen shot of dentia scrapbook
A screen shot of the Dementia Scrapbook

We went for a big, colourful blocky UI, which is designed to be simple and easy to use. The example was populated with characters from the Simpsons.

Paul from Step Up did some amazing work with Titanium which meant we had native iPad, iPhone and Android apps running by the end of the weekend. Very impressive work!

The presentations were great fun and we were absolutely delighted to be awarded the Health Foundation prize. The money will be used to develop the app further, and we’re hoping to work closely with the foundation to make sure it reaches patients quickly, where it can start to make a difference.

Map of all the amazing Pojects
Map of all the amazing projects

Have a look at the wiki for an ever updating list of projects from the day or here for the Google Docs version.

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