Appointment management, NHS

What are we asking hospitals, and what are the rewards?

I recently read ‘We don’t sell saddles‘, which is an internal email sent by the Slack team when they were first developing their product.

In summary, they’re focused on providing organisational transformation, not ‘a group chat application’. This means asking a lot of their users, and providing rewards well beyond their users expectations.

This matches our philosophy. DrDoctor transforms how outpatients departments work. The fact that we use technology to do that is incidental.

We ask hospitals to:

  • Use new applications and tools
  • ‘Let go’ and trust the patient
  • Modify their daily processes and workflows
  • Share data

In return, we improve and simplify booking processes that really haven’t changed since the idea of a ‘hospital’ came to be. The rewards are:

  • Much less routine work
  • Happier patients
  • Smoother running, more productive clinics
  • Better care and less cost