DrDoctor was featured in a recent national report regarding the adoption and spread of new technology in the NHS. Pioneering NHS organisations were commended for using new technology and models of care to improve outcomes for patients, and our partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas was identified as a great example of this. 

The report was published by the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) together with the Bayswater Institute and focuses on understanding the adoption of innovation in the NHS and how this could be enhanced; NHS Innovation Accelerator: Understanding how and why the NHS adopts innovation.

The adoption and spread of new technology has been and is a challenge in the NHS and the NIA want to understand how they can support the NHS in doing this through realising the potential benefits of innovation. These benefits were identified as financial savings, improved clinical outcomes, reduced health inequality and patient empowerment. DrDoctor was recognised in the report as a high impact, evidence-based innovation supported by the NIA.

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has realised a £2.6 M financial benefit from the implementation of DrDoctor from the first year of rollout. Our solution serves as an online and text message-based service that allows patients to confirm, cancel and change bookings digitally. The details of our partnership were explored in a case study included in the innovation report.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, opened the London Stock Exchange and the event celebrated the launch of the report as well as the NHS adopter sites identified. One of our founders Tom Whicher attended the event and gave a live presentation of the case study highlighting the journey of our partnership and the success of the rollout.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “There are pioneers across the NHS working incredibly hard to implement new technologies to support staff, make every pound go further and improve outcomes for patients – and they should be applauded for their resilience, commitment and tenacity.” “As part of our long-term plan for the NHS, we want to build an ecosystem of enterprise and innovation to allow new projects to flourish and my tech vision is the first step to making this ambition a reality”.

We are proud to be recognised as an NHS innovator and our journey to help the NHS look after patients better continues. Our mission is to create and implement simple technology that allows healthcare professionals to focus on helping patients, we look after automating the parts of admin that can and should be automated.


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