Senior Data Engineer (SQL)


What do we want? Senior Data Engineer (SQL). When do we want you? Now!

We are on the lookout for a Senior Data Engineer (SQL)to help design and implement our next generation data structures.

You will be a lead engineer working on our transactional and reporting databases. As a data engineer you will be creating the production ready pipelines to move and transform the data. These should be scalable, efficient, testable and deployed using our CI/CD tools.

You will be leading on our move from our monolith database to individual data stores per service. You will be responsible for modelling the data objects, designing the structure of the new schemas and improving the performance of queries.

This will be a key role in our nascent data function. You will be working cross-functionally with business domain experts, engineers, product analysts and client delivery teams to understand data and reporting requirements from our BI. You will then be responsible for making sure they have the information they need in order to make key decisions using data.

We have fast and frequent deployments, good test coverage and a young codebase. You will have a direct effect on what we do and how we do it. This role is ideal for candidates with a desire to learn and accelerate their careers. We can give you exposure to every facet of enterprise SaaS software and as much responsibility as you are ready to handle.

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