DrDoctor Partnerships

Modern healthcare delivery is broken.

Without innovation and world class partnerships supply cannot keep with up with demand.

The future of the NHS is patient-centric and relies on interoperability and collaboration.


Why partner with us

Maximise Opportunities 

Maximise technological opportunities through partner collaboration and co-production

Industry Leaders

We are looking for other industry leading solution providers to benefit patients and the NHS through improved interoperability

Integration Agnostic

We are integration agnostic providing the NHS with the most innovative solutions for today’s problems


Market Leader

We are the leading Patient Engagement Platform in the UK, supporting 70+ million NHS appointments to date

Benefits to the NHS

Patient Experience

Improving patient choice and patient care by joining up the journey and providing enhanced functionality

Improving Abilities

Ever improving and evolving supplier abilities for Health Boards and Trusts to utilise existing solutions


Partners who embrace being agnostic and interoperable, working together to solve today’s problems as a collective

Benefits to Partners

Market Leaders 

Working with healthcare technology leaders and creating opportunities to meet new NHS organisations

Joined-up Approach

Joint and joined-up approach to clients, enhancements to products through combining our offering

No Duplication

Well thought out and rewarding collaboration, why build when we can partner?

With everything we do at DrDoctor; the patient is at the front and centre. No one can do this on their own - we’ve always been driven to work with other providers to ensure that the patients get the best possible experience. We can only deliver on the promise of integrated care systems if we get the integration bit right from day one.

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