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Transform Using Technology Blog

Asynchronous Messaging between booking teams and patients- building a new feature in a single sprint

18th Apr | 4 min

Improve Patient Experiences Blog

Transactions drive level and breadth of patient engagement

08 April | 3 min

Transform using technology Blog

DrDoctor responds to the Topol Review

22 Feb | 4 min–-let’s-not-forget-patient-safety

Reduce print costs Blog

Digital communication in the NHS– let’s not forget patient safety

13 Feb | 2 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

How to make your clinic utilisation 100%

11 Feb | 4 min
Clinic_utilisation_is_the_golden_metric_behind_financial_performance_why_is_it so_hard_to_measure?

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

Clinic utilisation is the golden metric behind financial performance- why is it so hard to measure?

16 Jan | 4 min

Reduce print costs Blog

Why it doesn't matter if NHS meet Paperless

11 Jan | 3 min

Improve patient experiences Blog

Ignore the stigma- going digital can help all of us

04 Jan | 4 min

Transform using technology Video

Guy’s and St Thomas’ work with DrDoctor to transform outpatients

Nov 16th | 2 min

Transform using technology Blog

DrDoctor's take on mobile trends 2018

13 December | 2 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

What if managing hospital appointments was easy?

Dec 21 | 9 min

Reduce print costs Blog

The NHS’s epidemic: a cure – digitalisation

Sep 20 | 15 min

Transform using technology Blog

Our commitment to interoperability

Dec 10 | 3 min

Transform using technology Report

DrDoctor: NIA report

Nov 09 | 20 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

Why DNA rates are not a reliable metric of success

Nov 02 | 6 min

Reduce follow up activity Blog

Reducing unnecessary follow-ups: let’s schedule for need, not time

Sep 20th | 3 min

Reduce print costs Blog

3 Reasons your Trust can Save Money with an IT implementation

Nov 24 | 4 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

Partial booking – building a solution

06 Feb | 4 min

Transform using technology Case Study

Guy's and St Thomas' Case Study

Sep 20th | 15 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

Late cancellations – the hidden opportunity

Aug 29 | 2 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

Partial booking in outpatient clinics: what are the benefits?

17 Dec | 5 min
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Improve clinic utilisation Blog

DrDoctor relieves burden on hospital A&E’s

Sep 16 | 1 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

DNA versus Cancellation – should there be a standard metric?

02 Dec | 3 min
Whittington Health Case Study

Improve patient experiences Case Study

A DrDoctor & Whittington Health Case Study

Oct 24 | 4 min

Improve clinic utilisation Blog

Feeling under the weather

24 Aug | 4 min

Reduce workload Blog

Time to care

07 Mar | 3 min

Reduce workload Blog

Processing patients in under 60 seconds

22 May | 3 min

Improve outcomes Case Study

UCLH Maternity: Friends and Family test with a 40% response rate

28 Jan | 2 min

Improve outcomes Blog

NHS improvement lessons from Gatwick airport

24 Aug | 2 min

Improve outcomes Blog

How to go about usability testing?

26 Aug | 2 min

Improve outcomes Blog

Friends and Family Test – Net promoter

15 Nov | 2 min

Improve patient experiences Video

A patient's experience of using DrDoctor

20 June | 1 min

Improve patient experiences Blog

A Patient’s Story

05 Feb | 2 min

Improve patient experiences Video

Meet Jane...

24 May | 1 min
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Improve patient experiences Blog

What DrDoctor means to patients – Amanda’s story

12 Feb | 2 min

Improve patient experiences Blog

Instant messaging from your hospital

12 Feb | 2 min

Transform using technology Blog

Why the NHS finds technology so hard

26 Oct | 3 min

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