We are the UK's leading patient engagement platform

Trusted by more than 50 NHS organisations, used by more than 24 million patients and managing more than 109 million appointments annually, we are DrDoctor.

Our mission

We work tirelessly to understand people's needs; whether they are a care giver, provider or patient. This allows us to design systems which work for everyone, and reduce the friction in day to day care delivery so that people can focus on caring for people, not filling forms or chasing dates.

We work with our partners to really understand the problems facing their staff, deliver technology which helps them day to day, and automates out the routine tasks, so they can focus on using their hard-earned skills to care for patients. 

Our mission is to create a platform which catalyses technology led change in hospitals and healthcare systems. We're here to drive a fundamental shift in the quality and cost of delivering healthcare and enables new, more patient centric ways of working. We want to give providers the tools they need to deliver long term, high quality, care now and for the next generation. 

We’re helping fundamentally shift how you interact with the NHS, so that you get the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

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