Improving outpatient attendances at Aintree University Hospital

Learn how together we've lowered DNA rates and generated financial savings, while developing a solution that transforms patient experience.



The vast majority of patient interactions with secondary care are through outpatient clinics. In fact, 85% of all UK hospital- based activity (excluding A&E) is accounted for by outpatient appointments.

In 2017, Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (AUH) observed a DNA rate of 11.39% and partnered with DrDoctor to reduce this by implementing our Scheduling solution.

The overall rate has reduced by 8.5%; AUH has estimated a £596,000 financial benefit in the first 9 months and 86% of patients would recommend the service.

This case study describes the onboarding processfor DrDoctor’s platform across AUH, the benefitsdelivered and the next steps for the partnership.

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