Deliver personalised care remotely

DrDoctor Assessments enables more personalised touchpoints between the patient and the care provider without any added resource.
Save time, money and space by offering customisable forms online, pre or post clinic. 

Clinician and patient engagement are vital. It’s very powerful for patients to know the data is used to inform care.

Tangible benefits


Increase appointment quality

With better quality, more frequent data capture, face-to-face appointments offer more value. 


Better follow up care

Remotely monitor patients’ symptoms rather than automatically schedule a follow up. 


Automated data capture

Manage risk with automated, flexible online forms that patients can fill out pre or post clinic, wherever they are. 


Engaged patients

40% reduction in on the day cancellations by allowing patients to complete assessments remotely. 

Powerful features

Automate SMS reminders

Automate invitations and reminders to fill out secure assessment forms, ensuring a high completion rate. 


Ad hoc or long term 

Flexible for any pathway. Set up long-term Longitudinal studies or send out ad hoc forms as you need them. 


Outstanding feedback

93% positive feedback shows patients value remote touchpoints and personalised care. 

DrDoctor Assessments

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