DRDoCTOR • Patient initiated follow-Up (PIFU)

Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU)

Reduce unnecessary follow-up appointments with streamlined digital PIFU processes, ensuring care is prioritised for those who need it most.


Grant patients more control of their care journey

Our highly configurable PIFU processes quickly reduce DNA rates, ensure appointments are prioritised for those in urgent need of care and give patients greater control of their care journey.

Manage eligibility lists

Ensure only suitable patients can submit a request and are automatically off-boarded when their eligibility expires.

Custom-built for your Trust

From custom webpages to patient-specific eligibility lists, customise PIFU pathways to suit your specialties needs.

PAS/EPR Integrations

Integrated patient lists save admin time and removes human error when moving patient data from system to system.

Digital reporting & insights

Our Reporting Dashboard makes reporting easy by providing a detailed overview of PIFU activity over time.

Customisable communications

Stay in control of patient communications by sending welcome, off-boarding and confirmation messages at a service-level or personalised to the individual patient.

Specialty-specific request rules

Decide on how many requests you want patients to be able to make based on patient and speciality needs. 

Flexible eligibility lists

Manage appointment requests by determining how long they stay on the list as well as how many requests they can make.


Impacts of digital PIFU

On average, each patient & service user on a PIFU pathway saves 1.6 outpatient appointments, with each PIFU request saving over 5 minutes of admin time. 

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Why DrDoctor?

Dedicated Transformation Team

Collaborating hand-in-hand with care teams to ensure our technology boosts clinical and operational productivity as you scale.

Seamless integration with our +40 PAS/EPR/RIS suppliers, allowing your staff to continue working from the systems they know and use every day.
Analytics & Data Sharing

Share data insights with multiple systems for a unified view of your Trust's digital care delivery and operations with DrData reporting.