Maximise resources by supercharging your booking centre

DrDoctor Scheduling transforms your appointment management process through a digital self-service solution, increasing appointment accessibility.
Improve booking efficiency and ensure the highest rate of attendance.

It has really helped us reach out to patients in a way that they are most familiar with today. It has helped our communication, enabled better clinic utilisation, helped bring our waiting list down and helped reduce our DNAs.

Tangible benefits


Optimise clinics

Digital reporting makes it easy to spot patterns to maximise clinic utilisation.


Actively reduce waiting lists

Allow patients to cancel appointments they no longer need and automatically offer them to those who need to be seen sooner.


Activate patients

Open your booking centre digitally allowing patients to manage their appointments 24/7 without extra admin.


Increase efficiency

See a 40% reduction in phone calls to booking teams, up to 70% reduction in booking times.

Powerful features

Basic rescheduling 

Allow patients to request a change to their appointment online or via SMS. Avoid a wasted DNA appointment and process requests in batches to save more admin time

Slot rescheduling 

Allow eligible patients who need to change their appointment to choose an alternative slot online, making appointments more accessible.

See me sooner

Progressively offer patients newly available slots via automated notifications ensuring last minute cancellations get filled.


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