Patient-Led Booking

Automatically fill late cancellation slots and configure waiting lists

Customise configurations for clinics, waiting lists and booking horizons to automate administrative processes. 

Notifying patients when it was time to book their appointment - partial booking - is a good step. But Patient-Led Booking takes this to a whole new level. It’s allowed us to slash waiting lists and empower patients.

Tangible benefits


Maximise clinic utilisation

Reduce your waiting lists by always ensuring available appointments, including late cancellations, are offered to suitable patients. 


Increase efficiency

Automate administrative processes, taking charge of new referrals as well as existing waiting lists. 


Engage your patients

Reduce DNA rates by 25% by allowing patients to choose their own slots.  


Expert integration

Consolidate waiting list and slot data straight from your PAS via our expert two-way integration. 

Powerful features

Completely customisable 

Configuration is completely customisable for each clinic, waiting list, booking horizon and target booking date.  


Automate patient touchpoints

Immediately reduce call volumes by up to 40%. Engaged patients now understand where they are in the system.

Patient-Led Booking

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