Frimley Health saves £1.9m with DrDoctor

Learn how together we've  reduced DNA rates by 30%, administrative phone calls baby 50% and transformed the patient experience in the process


Before DrDoctor came onboard, Frimley Health booking centres were sending text message reminders and follow-up calls. However, these were having little effect on the overall patient experience. The Trust wanted to move towards a partial booking model with a view of empowering patients to manage their own appointments, and generate financial efficiency savings of at least 4%.

DrDoctor worked with Frimley Health to implement the partial booking element of DrDoctor’sScheduling module, allowing the Trust to send two-way SMS messages, reminders and provide patients with the ability to reschedule their appointments.

As a result of the partnership with DrDoctor; Frimley Health has experienced 30% reduction in DNA rates, 50% reduction in administrative phone calls, efficiency in clearing waiting lists and an increase in patient choice and self-management.

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