Rolling out Digital Letters: A pilot review

Learn how together we've rolled out a solution for reducing print costs, improving patient experience and meeting the Accessible Information Standard.



DrDoctor and Synertec worked alongside SRFT to help them go digital with their appointment letters, in line with their digital strategy as a Global Digital Exemplar. The solution needed to also generate realisable financial savings for the Trust.

SRFT were able to pilot and effectively test the digital letters solution, having already gone live with DrDoctor’s Scheduling solution and Synertec’s hybrid mail solution trust wide.

The Digital Letters solution is delivered via a partnership between DrDoctor and Synertec. Using Synertec’s Prism to process and upload letters to DrDoctor’s patient portal through a ready-to-go API, we can deliver a solution that:

  • Reduces costs through a reduction in printing physical letters

  • Reduces administration time spent on printing and sending letters

  • Delivers high patient experience by allowing patients to manage their appointments and correspondence in one place

  • Gives patients control over how they would like to be communicated with

  • Can be implemented in two months or less to allow the Trust to start generating realisable savings

The project team piloted the digital letters solution in a dermatology clinic at SRFT. Between 2nd May and 9th June 2019, 213 letters were uploaded to DrDoctor’s Patient Portal:


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