A DrDoctor & Whittington Health Case Study

Improving booking staff satisfaction, reducing DNA rates and improving patient experience

The situation

Whittington Health were faced with a multitude of challenges when it came to outpatients, including a high number of calls to their booking teams and high DNA rates.

The Trust identified that they needed a fundamental shift away from an inefficient approach to appointment bookings, and challenged DrDoctor to add a degree of simplicity to this process in order to lower DNA rates by a targeted 30% and improve booking staff satisfaction.

Our solution

DrDoctor worked with Whittington Health to implement DrDoctor’s Scheduling module, allowing the Trust to send two-way SMS messages, reminders and provide patients with the ability to reschedule their own appointments.

Large parts of the administrative workflow of patient booking management were automated to allow staff to focus on patients who need the most care. Automation of patient communication allowed for the improvement of DNA rates, patient experience and booking team satisfaction.

The project began with a pilot implementation in the Diagnostic Imaging department in October 2017, and was then rolled out Trust-wide once benefits were realised.

The results

The implementation of DrDoctor was carried out in a timely manner, with the adoption of the product across outpatients. 64% of all outpatient clinics have access to the DrDoctor portal and are receiving appointment confirmation notifications and reminders. 51% of clinics are now using rescheduling to give patients the ability to re-book their appointments as they see fit.

Read the full case study

Download the full case study below to find out how the partnership improved booking staff satisfaction, reduce DNA rates and improve patient experience