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COVID-19 response toolkit

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering our response tools to anyone in the NHS who needs them.

COVID-19 response toolkit

Broadcast Messaging

Communicate important updates to your patients quickly and easily, keeping them informed and reassured about changes to their appointments and the latest advice and updates.
  • Send a broadcast message to large cohorts of patients via SMS
  • Add recipients quickly and easily, through phone numbers
  • Select recipients by their associated clinic, and the date of their appointment
  • View a summary of the broadcast campaigns you send out
  • Free of all licencing charges, and without the need to integrate, making it quick and easy to adopt across any care setting

Broadcast message

COVID-19 Symptom Assessments

Send digital assessments to patients either on an ad-hoc basis or before their outpatient appointment to screen patients for symptoms before coming into the hospital.
  • Automatically issue assessments for whole clinics or specialties
  • Effective screening of symptoms using clinical forms
  • Use our assessments to identify patients who are potentially ‘shielded’ or ‘vulnerable’ to offer remote consultations
  • Ease pressure on services used to recognise COVID-19 symptoms

COVID-19 symptom assessments

Video Consultations

Continue routine outpatient services via video consultations for patients who can’t or shouldn’t travel to hospital.
  • Integrate into existing clinic workflows via DrDoctor’s clinic lists and scheduling features for patients
  • Onboard patients automatically using our Remote Request feature
  • Display discreet Trust branding to reassure patients they are interacting with their doctors, especially when doctors are working from home
  • Accessible for desktop and mobile, and supported across all major browsers
  • Quickly access patients’ mobile numbers in case a video consultation is not possible

Native video

Remote Requests

Ensure patients who don’t need a face-to-face appointment are receiving care at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Patients can now request their appointment to be held remotely by SMS.
  • Allows patients to request a remote appointment by SMS text message if they are concerned about coming into hospital due to COVID-19.
  • Easily configurable through the clinic setup page
  • Simple workflow matching DrDoctor’s Change or Cancel functionality
  • Onboard patients to your current video consultation services (e.g. Attend Anywhere, Zoom, etc) or DrDoctor’s native video capabilities

Remote request

Get started with COVID-19 tools

These tools are available to any NHS organisation. To be up and running with the additional DrDoctor Covid-19 tools and services as quickly as possible please sign up here.