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DrDoctor is a Patient Engagement Platform used by over 24 million patients across the UK. We partner with over 50 NHS Trusts and Health Boards to provide technology that supports patient communications, appointment management and remote care.   


If you're on this page then your hospital uses DrDoctor. You can access the Patient Portal using any smartphone, computer or tablet. There’s no need to sign up for an account or download any software, all you need to do is follow the secure link sent by your healthcare provider or visit drdoctor.thirdparty.nhs.uk and you can start managing your care online.   


Experiencing technical trouble? Email us at support@drdoctor.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help! 


Using the DrDoctor patient portal

How do I sign in with DrDoctor?

You have two options for signing in with DrDoctor. You can either use your NHS login account or our simple guest login. Just follow the steps on the screen and you'll get access to your patient portal.

What is NHS login?

NHS login is a service that has been created by the NHS. It provides a safe and secure way for patients to access their health and care information with a single login. 

NHS login can be used by patients to securely access their health and care information wherever they see the NHS login button, including the DrDoctor patient portal.  

A single, trusted login account is convenient for patients and, because it’s been developed by the NHS, they know that their health and care data is protected.  

For more information about the NHS login, please visit https://help.login.nhs.uk/ 

What is Guest Login?

If you prefer to use DrDoctor without NHS login, you can choose the Guest login option. You will need to enter some demographic information to allow us to locate your record (last name, date of birth and post code) and then you will get a one time password on your phone to complete the sign in.

How do I use NHS login with DrDoctor?

To sign into the DrDoctor patient portal with NHS login, you need an NHS login account. If you already have one, you can simply sign in to DrDoctor using those details. 

How do I create an NHS login account?

For more details on how to create an NHS login, please go to: https://help.login.nhs.uk/setupnhslogin/ 

To set up an NHS login, you will need a mobile phone number and an email address. A six-digit security code will be emailed to you and you will need to enter this code to confirm your email address and proceed. 

Next, you will need to give your mobile phone number. Another 6-digit security code will be texted to your mobile phone. You cannot currently set up an NHS login without a mobile phone. 

To access DrDoctor with the NHS login, you must go through an online identity verification process where your photo ID and face are compared to verify it's really you. 

Why can I not use NHS login with my hospital?

At present, NHS login is only available in NHS hospitals and organisations in England.

If you are signing in to the patient portal from a hospital outside of England, you will not be given the option to use NHS login. 

Are there any restrictions on who can use the NHS login?

Only patients that are 11 years or older can access the DrDoctor portal via NHS login. Patients under 11 years old can still access their information via DrDoctor using the guest login. 

How is my data being used / protected?

The information you provide is used to confirm your identity. This is done in accordance with the data protection laws. Your information will not be shared without your consent and is stored securely using the standards mandated by the NHS.  

For more information, please visit the DrDoctor privacy policy: https://my.drdoctor.co.uk/privacy  and NHS login privacy notice: https://access.login.nhs.uk/privacy   

I am not able to log in via NHS login

If you are having problems signing in with DrDoctor using your NHS login, please visit the NHS login help centre: https://help.login.nhs.uk/ 

If you continue to have issues and cannot sign in, please contact us on support@drdoctor.co.uk 

Having trouble with using Guest login?

When you log into the portal, we check the details you enter against hospital records. If you can’t log in using your current surname, date of birth and post code then it’s best to contact your hospital directly and make sure their records are correct and up to date.
You can find their contact details on their website, on a recent letter, or to locate the contact details of your hospital, by clicking the "I can't sign in" on the Patient Portal.
Alternatively, you can find the contact details for every NHS provider in England here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/nhs-provider-directory/
The hospital always remains in control of your data so unfortunately we cannot update their records on your behalf. Once they have updated them for you, you’ll be able to access the portal. 
If you have logged in before but can’t now then the hospital may have stopped sending us your data for security reasons. Contact support@drdoctor.co.uk and we can let you know if that’s the case. 

Frequently asked questions

What do to if you can’t read your letter online

Don’t panic! Just reply PRINT to your text message or request paper copies on the settings page of the Patient Portal. 
Most hospitals we work with will send you a paper copy within a few days as a backup if you don’t read it online.
If you don’t get a copy in the post then we recommend calling the hospital and asking them to resend it. 

How to manage your appointments

ou can normally view information about your appointment by logging into your Patient Portal. If supported by your trust, you can request to change or cancel appointments directly on the Patient Portal or by replying to your text reminder.

Some requests may need hospital approval so it may take a few days for you to hear if your appointment has been changed. 

If you want to check any details about the appointment and can’t find the information you need in your letter or on the portal, then please contact your healthcare provider directly using the contact details on your letters or text messages. 

Unfortunately, we can’t change, cancel or confirm appointments on your behalf. 

How to update your contact information

All your healthcare data, including your contact information, is managed by your hospital, not DrDoctor and we are therefore unable to update or change your contact information on their behalf.
Please contact your healthcare provider and ask them to update your records.
If you would like to receive communications from your hospital to additional phone numbers or email addresses then you can control your preferences at any time on the Patient Portal. 

Can I trust the phone number 07860 039092?

Yes, you can trust it. We use a regular mobile phone number to enable you to respond to messages when required. 

If you are recieving SMS messages from the phone number 07860 039092, that is because your healthcare provider is using DrDoctor to communicate with you about your healthcare. 
If you would like to receive communications from your hospital to additional phone numbers then you can control your preferences at any time on the Patient Portal

The DrDoctor Privacy Policy

DrDoctor has worked closely with the NHS for more than 11 years, and we meet their high standards of security and every hospital reviews our security credentials and use of data before working with us. 

I am not able to access all my hospitals trusts

When you are a patient of multiple healthcare providers and you login to the patient portal, the system will automatically provide you with a list of all the hospitals you registered under for you to choose the record you'd like to access.  

If for any reason this doesn't happen, there might be a couple of reasons: 

  1. Your device has saved a previous session. Try to logout and login again. If this doesn't work, you can try clearing the browsing history or clicking on "Sign in with another provider" in the login page.
  2. It might be that the hospital records you are trying to access are not up to date and this would be why the system is logging you directly to one provider and not prompting you to choose. As all your healthcare data, including your contact information, is managed by your hospital, please contact them directly to request to double check your records. You can find their details on any letter or text messages you have received from them. 

I need medical advice

If you need immediate medical attention, please contact 111 or in an emergency, 999. 

DrDoctor helps facilitate communications and digital services on behalf of hospitals across the country. However, we do not manage the content and are unable to provide medical advice, clinical results or prescriptions. For this please contact your GP or hospital provider.  


Do you have an app I can download?

DrDoctor is an online portal that you can access online using this link, without requiring you to download an app: https://drdoctor.thirdparty.nhs.uk