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Press Coverage

We’ve been lucky enough to have  a little positive press over the last few weeks. We thought it’d be nice to catalogue it here, so in no particular order:

Virgin Unite – What does Lean Really Mean for a Startup?

How text messages can reduce waiting times – The Guardian

5 tips for innovation in the NHS – The Guardian

Leeds CCG Collects feedback from patients using SMS – E-Health Insider

Huffington Post UK: 10 Websites to make your life easier

eHI: Heatherwood reduce DNA’s with two-way texts An article about the work we’ve ddone so far at HWPH, focusing on the 29% reduction in DNA’s we’ve acheived.

E-Health Insider: Book It! A profile of the team and our plans.

Sunday Times: NHS Bonanza (Small Business section – paywalled) An article about small businesses and the NHS, with some quotes from Tom.

E-Health Insider: Heathwood and Wexham Park online booking Our ITK project at Heathwood and Wexham park and the benefits it’ll bring to patients.

E-Health Insider: Scrapbook put on a firm foundation The Scrapbook, our NHS Hack Day project, which was supported by the health foundation.

Your Hidden Potential – Top 20 UK Startups 2013 We were mentioned in this article by Rishi Chowdhury as ‘one-to-watch’ in 2013. We’ll see..

How Campus Became the Heart of Tech City An article on Google campus, with some focus on the DrDoctor team.

We’ll try and keep this list up to date.