Running a company

So many ideas

We’re fundamentally passionate about changing the way you interact with your healthcare providers. It’s this that drives us to do what we are; the problem that keeps us up late thinking of solutions. It’s where our thoughts go daydreaming on the train. But that desire for change hides a real danger. The problem is so large that there are many solutions, so many things we can change. Lots of ways we can help people. As founders, we are naturally presupposed to thinking we can do them all.

We can’t.

It becomes achingly clear that the only path to success – to making a difference, lies in focus. Distilling a complex idea and picking the one feature that people really want, will really use; and you can action quickly. Test that hypothesis. If it’s wrong, change it. But choose something and run with it.
For DrDoctor that one thing is booking – giving you a choice of times and helping you secure one that suits. Cancelling and rebooking it if you need to. One simple feature that removes so much pain from interacting with healthcare providers.