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State of the nation - June 2018

Topics: Behind the scenes

DrDoctor has grown immensely in 2018, with exciting news such as the ITP announcement, where the NHS has granted us funding centrally to deploy across numerous Trusts, to our ever growing headcount, to our new partnerships with Intouch with Health as well as Patients Know Best. As part of these activities, our real-world impact has grown by a significant degree.

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, this is the first instalment of a series of short data-driven posts highlighting the impact DrDoctor is having on the NHS, it’s staff and patients around the country.

Patients are being booked quicker, with some huge reductions being made to DNA rates (around 47% reduction in Aneurin Bevan). Our solution has made patients journeys through the NHS quicker, and more important to them – easier. The top line details of our activities show exciting times ahead;

  • In 2017 we sent 6,832,217 SMSs – in 2018 we forecast that we will send 10,700,000.
  • Of these SMSs 2,334,437 were regular appointment reminders – the 2018 figure is estimated to be 3,700,000.
  • A further 1,899,640 SMSs were early appointment reminders (we have appointment reminder functionality to send two, spaced appointment reminders per clinic). In 2018 we anticipate that we will send 3,000,000 early reminders.
  • In 2017 we managed 4,929,087 appointments. In 2018 we expect this will be around 7,750,000 appointments.

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