Running a company

What really matters

There is so much to do. The potential number of things you can be working on as a founder are startling. Product development, distribution, marketing, investor relations, customer relations, brand, interface design, picking the right domain.. As geeks, our default position is product. Lets play with a new language, a new framework. We can do it from our desks, at day or night. It’s insular, but its fun; measurable. We’re making progress, must be, we’re shipping code! Lets build, lets ship, people will come, we’ll do the marketing when we’ve something to market. Beautiful product launch; no-one knows we exist. Tumbleweed.

 As a founder its vital to think about the steps to success and prioritise them. Set an objective for the week; then when you start a task think ‘is this moving me closer towards x’. If the honest answer is no, do something else. You’ll get more done, have more hours in the day and be happier.
Right now at DrDoctor we’re focusing on talking; talking to patients, talking to hospitals. What would you use, what are your real frustrations? By validating ideas with people, really engaging  and listening our users (that’s you!) and customers between us we can build something that’ll make a real difference from day one. We think that’s just one of the things that makes us different in healthcare.