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System integration & interoperability are a first class concern that can make or break any digital transformation. As your integration partner, we have the technology, the expertise and the governance to ensure your success.


We provide bi-directional integrations through HL7v2 and FHIR over the HSCN/N3 network. Patients can interact directly with your PAS or EPR in a fully controlled way.

We’re committed to building the best possible integration, regardless of your core system, so can also support SSIS and API-based integrations where suitable.

Data from your patients is available through REST APIs, the majority of them conforming to FHIRv4 standard. This gives you the route to access your data and send it to your data warehouse, or other clinical systems.

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  • We have integrated with multiple platforms including Cerner, Epic, IPM, Medway and Trakcare - nothing scares us
  • We have a tried and tested integration playbook, proven in the field
  • We will lead, but we believe only collaboration gets results
  • We're here to help and support – transformation is a process, not a button-click

Read how we implemented at Aintree University Hospitals within five weeks


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One of the toughest challenges in a digital implementation can be information governance and clinical safety. We've dedicated ourselves to going above and beyond to keep your patients and their data safe.

Patient access is protected by two-factor authentication and secured with 256 bit encryption. All data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest, hosted in ISO 27001 data centres to meet the standards for confidential health data. The platform also supports patients' full rights under GDPR. But above all: our whole team live and breath good information governance.

We also follow the DCB 0129 standard for clinical risk management, and can share our safety case reports and hazard logs to help you with your DCB 0160 requirements.


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Using HL7 v2, FHIR or bespoke interfaces, our in house integration team will get you up and running quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Leave your details and a member of the team will be in touch.