Digital Letters

Clever print decisions.


reduction in printed letters


of patients would recommend


of patients opt to go paperless for future comms

What makes Digital Letters different

Frictionless onboarding.

Let patients select their digital delivery preferences while you manage risk with open tracking and 'print by' dates

Frictionless onboarding.
Frictionless onboarding

Smart sorting.

Capture and intelligently tag letters in structured and unstructured formats, from across all your clinical and non-clinical systems

Meet the Accessible Information Standard

We've worked with world leaders in accessibility to make sure you hit AIS, and provide a first class accessibility experience to your patients.

Accessible letters

What's included

Harness a platform designed to improve patient experience, reduce workload for your staff and generate realisable savings

Send patients notifications when they have a letter to download to improve attendances

Empower your patients to opt-in to receiving appointment letters digitally through their smartphone

Communicate to patients in the formats that suit them, including large font, easy read and braille

Set whether you want patients to receive paper or digital letters by default, on a clinic-by-clinic basis

Patient Platform
Letter Notifications
Patient Opt-in
Accessible letters
Smart sorting

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