Follow-up Management

See patients based on need, not time.


reduction in face-to-face appointments


form completion rate


positive patient feedback

What makes Follow-up Management different

Only see the patients who need it.

Identify the patients who need to be seen so they can be prioritised, and those who don't.

Follow-up Management
Effective follow-up Management

A tool for effective follow-up management

If you move to a video conferencing software your doctors still have to see the same amount of people. Our algorithms identify the patients who need to be seen so they can be prioritised.


We can now manage follow-ups virtually, and patients only have to come in if they're symptomatic

Bonita Overland
Assistant Directorate Manager, Urology, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Make patients' lives easier.

Give your patients the tools to complete assessments in the comfort of their own home, giving them time to consider their answers and reducing stress


The thing about illness is that it happens to you. And so getting some semblance of control back is really important

DrDoctor Patient User, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Form reminders

What's included

Harness a platform designed to improve patient experience, reduce workload for your staff and generate realisable savings

Prevent patients from completing the form when it is no longer relevant

Get an oversight on which forms are yet to be completed, so further action can be taken if necessary

Track patients' outcome history over time to inform better care

Send patients reminders to maximise form completion

Patient Platform
Form expiry
Overdue notifications
Effective follow-up Management
Form reminders still

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