Patient-led Booking

Patients as the driving force.


of patients would recommend


reduction in wait list size


improvement in churn and re-work

What makes Patient-led Booking different

Choice, for you and your patients.

Only DrDoctor’s Patient-led Booking gives patients the choice to book an appointment that suits them, while fully automating back end processes

Patient-led Booking
Match capacity and demand.

Match capacity and demand.

Use your resources smarter in order to improve booking efficiency

Wait list automation

Drive down waiting lists and minimise losing patients to follow-up.


Notifying patients when it is time to book their appointment - partial booking - is a good step. But Patient-led Booking takes this to a whole new level.

Donna Holder
Programme Manager, Digital Patient Journey, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
wait list automation.

What's included

Harness a platform designed to improve patient experience, reduce workload for your staff and generate realisable savings

Notify your patients when its time to book their appointment. reducing call volume to your booking centres and saving admin teams searching for available slots

Send your patients reminders, confirmations and ad-hoc messages to reduce waiting lists and drive down DNAs

Patient Platform
Patient-led Booking
Wait List Cleansing

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