Pre-clinic Assessments

Informed clinical planning.


reduction in on-the-day cancellations


form completion rate


positive patient feedback

What makes Pre-clinic Assessments different

Upfront data collection

Reduce on-the-day cancellations by making sure you get your patients into the right appointment slot as early as possible


Finally the NHS using technology to improve patient experience

DrDoctor Patient User
Pre-clinic Assessments
Informed interventions.

Informed interventions.

Collect baseline metrics digitally before the start of interventions so you can measure the effectiveness of treatments


I can now send patient important information about their care well in advance of their appointment. It's brilliant

Consultant Urological Surgeon
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Make patients' lives easier.

Give your patients the tools to complete assessments in the comfort of their own home, giving them time to consider their answers and reducing stress.


The thing about illness is that it happens to you. And so getting some semblance of control back is really important

DrDoctor Patient User
Make patients' lives easier.

What's included

Harness a platform designed to improve patient experience, reduce workload for your staff and generate realisable savings

Prevent patients from completing the form when it is no longer relevant

Get an oversight on which forms have been completed, and receive notifications

Track patients' outcome history over time to inform better care

Send patients reminders to maximise form completion

Patient Platform
Form expiry still
Completion notifications
Informed interventions
Form reminders

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