DrDoctor to reduce follow-up activity

Patient experience at an all-new level.

Manage and track patients' care journeys, at scale.

Reduce unnecessary follow-ups

What makes our follow-up reduction solution different

Only see the patients who need it.

Identify the patients who need to be seen so they can be prioritised, and those who don't

Follow-up Management

Secure, low-friction onboarding.

Send timely updates and form reminders through conversational SMS and email to improve completion rates

A complete digital experience.

Give your patients the tools to complete assessments in the comfort of their own home, giving them time to consider their answers and reducing stress


What's included

Give patients the ability to view and manage their appointments digitally

Manage and track patients’ care journeys digitally, at scale

Patient Platform
Follow-up Management

Start reducing follow-up activity with DrDoctor

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