DrDoctor to reduce inappropriate referrals

Overloaded clinics. Minimised.

Make sure patients are being referred to the appropriate clinic, at the right time

Reduce inappropriate referrals

What makes our referrals solution different

Upfront data collection.

Reduce on-the-day cancellations by making sure you get your patients into the right appointment slot as early as possible

Pre-clinic Assessments
Informed interventions.

Informed interventions.

Collect baseline metrics digitally before the start of interventions so you can measure the effectiveness of treatments

Secure, low-friction onboarding.

Send timely updates through conversational SMS and email

Secure, low-friction onboarding.

What's included

Give patients the ability to view and manage their appointments digitally

Collect information about your patients' wellbeing before they're in-clinic to improve the value of patient-clinician interaction

Patient Platform
Pre-clinic Assessments

Start reducing inappropriate referrals with DrDoctor

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