DrDoctor to reduce print costs

Cut your print volumes by up to 60%

Reduce print costs

What makes our print cost reduction solution different

Secure, low-friction onboarding.

Send timely updates through conversational SMS and email

Choice, for you and your patients

Choice, for you and your patients.

Let patients select their digital delivery preferences while you manage risk with open tracking and 'print by' dates

Smart sorting.

Capture and intelligently tag letters in structured and unstructured formats, from across all your clinical and non clinical systems

Smart sorting

What's included

Give patients the ability to view and manage their appointments digitally

Improve attendance rates and empower patients to choose an appointment that works for them

Send patients their appointment letters digitally, and in formats that suit their needs through our secure Patient Portal

Patient Platform
Appointment Management
Digital Letters

Start reducing print costs with DrDoctor

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