DrDoctor to reduce workload

Empower your booking teams.

Provide staff with the tools they need to maximise booking efficiencies

Reduce workload

What makes our solution for reducing workload different

Secure, low-friction on-boarding.

Send timely updates through conversational SMS and email

Secure, low-friction on-boarding.
Choice, for you and your patients.

Choice, for you and your patients.

Only DrDoctor’s Patient-led Booking gives patients the choice to book an appointment that suits them, while fully automating back end processes

Match capacity and demand.

Use your resources smarter in order to improve booking efficiency

Match capacity and demand.

What's included

Give patients the ability to view and manage their appointments digitally

Improve your waiting list management by inviting patients to book their appointment at a time of your choosing

Patient Platform
Patient-led Booking

Start reducing workload with DrDoctor

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