Validate and triage waitlists, at scale and pace

Save time, money and paper with secure, automated, waitlist validation processes. Rapidly reduce waitlists and triage care, in just a few clicks.

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 Admin hours saved by digitising the waitlist validation process in the last 12 months.


Number of patients successfully validated in the last 12 months.

£3.6 million

Cost savings from digitising waitlist validation processes in the last 12 months.

Get up and running in as little as two weeks

Our purpose-built, hybrid platform empowers NHS Trusts and Health Boards to quickly address the elective backlog, regain control over their waitlists and deliver timely, quality care to patients - in as little as two weeks.

Improve clinical prioritisation

Determine the level of clinical risk on waiting lists, prioritise treatments accordingly and reduce unnecessary follow-ups.

Reduce administrative burden

Save up to 25 minutes per patient by digitising waitlist validation processes, freeing up time to focus on higher value interactions.

Simplify validation processes

Automate and streamline communications, reminders and next steps to validate at scale and pace.

Tangible cost savings

Deliver quick cost savings by reducing unnecessary appointments and adopting a paperless waitlist validation approach.

 Download: Digitally Enabled Waiting list Validation Report

Online Forms

Send thousands of assessments, in a few clicks

Create and send bespoke forms, triggered on an ad-hoc or automated basis and aligned with the NHS design system. Submissions are securely filled out online, at the patient's own convenience. 

Fully Customisable

Questions can include logic, calculations, images and be repurposed across multiple forms for future use.

EPR Write-Back

Responses can be exported via HL7 or FHIR API, converted to PDF format and written back into the EPR.

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Simplify and automate end-to-end validation processes

Enrol entire cohorts of patients into dynamic, automated workflows for a unified view of end-to-end waitlist validation processes.

Task and Process Management

Enrol patients automatically and trigger next steps in validation process based on defined criteria, actions and triggers.

Timely Communication

Automatically send messages, forms and reminders at strategic intervals to ensure timely responses from patients.

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Staff Portal

Review responses to effectively validate patients and triage care

Analyse responses across multiple forms to accurately validate patients and support data-driven triage and stratification of care. 

Validate at Scale

Quickly analyse, validate and monitor the status and progression of entire patient cohorts through a single, unified dashboard.

Stratify & Triage

Determine the clinical risk of patients on waitlists to effectively and accurately prioritise the delivery of care.

Group 3295

Transforming waitlist validation processes across the NHS

Before DrDoctor, we had to call patients multiple times before writing to them about their need for an appointment. Now we're able to validate thousands of patients in just a few clicks.

Why DrDoctor?

Dedicated Transformation Team

Collaborating hand-in-hand with care teams to ensure our technology boosts clinical and operational productivity as you scale.

Seamless integration with our +40 PAS/EPR/RIS suppliers, allowing your staff to continue working from the systems they know and use every day.
Analytics & Data Sharing

Share data insights with multiple systems for a unified view of your Trust's digital care delivery and operations with DrData reporting.