Spend time on what matters most, whilst Workflows handles the rest

Combine and automate repetitive operational processes, freeing up administrative teams to focus on more of what matters. 

Automate high-value, low complexity tasks

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Simplify your pathways

Identify and optimise processes to reduce complexity, making tasks more efficient and manageable.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Create space to prioritise more valuable interactions. Automating tasks doesn’t eliminate jobs that need doing; it accelerates the pace of work.

Drive operational excellence

Reduce manual errors and set automated, precise and scalable pathway processes.

1. Connect, combine and simplify operational processes

Combine DrDoctor capabilities together for a unified view of end-to-end patient pathways. Automate processes and next steps based on defined criteria, actions and triggers.

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2. Customise engagement, triggers and branching logic

Set timelines, delays and branching logic that align with your team structure and work streams. Send automated reminders and customised messages to better manage patient pathways.

3. Monitor, refine and scale

Enrol entire cohorts of patients in just a few clicks and actively monitor the progression status of a patient at each step of their care journey.

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Unlock new levels of productivity, Trust-wide

Efficient Task Management

Automate routine tasks such as safely capturing patient information, reminders, follow-ups, and administrative processes. Focus more on patient care, and less on repetitive administrative tasks.

Personalised Patient Interactions

Tailor communication messages and appointment reminders to match individual patient preferences, needs, and care plans, leading to a better patient engagement and satisfaction.

Timely Communication

Send reminders, notifications and follow-ups at strategic intervals, ensuring patients receive important information - when they need it most.

Scalability and Consistency

Manage patient engagement at scale and ensure consistency in communication and care delivery, regardless of the number of patients or staff members involved.

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Deliver better outcomes at a lower cost

Eliminate Inaccuracies

Minimise the risk of errors and rework, saving you both time and money associated with rectifying mistakes.

Improve Resource Utilisation

Prevent wasting time, cost and energy by allocating tasks according to the size of your team, ensuring effective and efficient completion.

Increase Productivity​

Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity, enabling you to accomplish more with less. ​